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Monocept Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Job Locations: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India; Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Required Experience: 5 - 10 Years

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Keywords : ASP.Net, .Net Core, MVC, WEB API

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Job Description

A Tech Lead is a developer who is responsible for leading a development team. Along the way, a Tech Lead takes on traits that other roles may have, such as a Team Lead, Architect or Software Engineering Manager but they remain hands-on with code.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Conduct system wide requirement analysis
  • Conduct module level work effort estimations and integrate for the whole system
  • Thoroughly understand the Requirements and Design
  • Develops detailed design
  • Design and implement automated unit testing framework as required
  • Use best practices and coding standards
  • Conduct thorough unit testing using the automated unit test framework
  • Provides accurate and detailed weekly/monthly task reports
  • Communicates with the clients about the progress and understand their feedback
  • Develop, maintain, troubleshoot, enhance and document components develop by self and others as per the requirements and detailed design
  • Assists the Project Manager in project coordination
  • Conduct project risk identification and mitigation action plan
  • To develop and guide the team members in enhancing their technical capabilities and increasing productivity e
  • Manage tasks to ensure timely and effective project completion according to the project plan
  • Conducts internal audit for ensuring process compliance with the regulatory standards
  • Retain, train, develop and direct a team of functional leaders reporting to oversee each of their specific areas of responsibility to achieve organization goals, Performance management and Hiring decisions


  • Ownership is a broad area like a full vertical, end to end ownership of one or more application
  • Understands the problem statement, Architecture and Translates to design
  • Uses problem solving techniques, breaking down into smaller problems, consults and develops solutions using latest technologies
  • Comes up independently with Design, using OOPS, MVC etc., Design patterns, Decoupled component design
  • Defines interfaces, Ensures performance and security is in built

Estimation and On time Delivery

  • Helps team members come up with accurate estimates and reviews and signs off on estimates
  • Seeks feedback from Managers
  • Always ensures he and his team Delivers as per committed estimates and timelines

Problem Solving

  • Identifies, understand and accurately articulates the problem
  • Clearly understands problem complexity. Sets realistic estimation of what it means to solve the problem at hand
  • Seeks appropriate time and effort to investigate further to comeback with details of problem. Solves the root causes and not temporary fix
  • Breaks down the problem into smaller sub set of problems. Applies computer science fundamentals to solve the problem
  • Focuses on ensuring problem is solved once for all and do not recur.
  • Follows clear the instructions from Lead on how to solve or go about solving.


  • Runs daily scrum and reports status accurately in scrum
  • Focuses on customer satisfaction
  • Without fail and proactively Send Daily, weekly and Monthly status
  • Diligent in customer communication on daily basis
  • Unblocks any blockers with team, or escalates to Manager and seeks help immediately
  • Actively participates and communicates status accurately
  • Ensures customer respect full ownership, communication and going beyond customer expectation always, addresses any customer escalations on priority
  • Puts customer first in all the work he is doing
  • Understands the impact of delay and how it affects customer end goal


  • Defines all the software development processes to his team Understand the importance of processes
  • Consistently follows and enforces all the defined processes without fail. Champions the process by following it always
  • Uses automated tools for code validations and checking. Does point of any impediments to work due to processes
  • Seeks approval when there is a specific need to override the processes
  • Enforces process across team


B.Tech, M.Sc, MCA & M.Tech

Company Introduction

Monocept ( is a Hyderabad, India based Software Development Company, formed with the objective of solving complex problems and delivering engineering excellence by way of developing excellent Software Applications.

Monocept stands for singularity & focus, represented by one while the problem is represented by the variable “X” which conveys that we are constantly looking to find and solve problems. The name also defines our internal culture where every employee focuses on finding and solving for ‘X”. From our offices spread across Hyderabad, Gurugram, Mumbai and New York, we're solving some of the most complexes of the problems for our insurance, media and e-commerce clients.

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